Milk sources

Instant Fat Filled Milk Powder – Nutritious, Fresh, and Creamy

The instant powder is derived from naturally fresh skimmed cow’s milk and vegetable fat. It can be a great alternative to full cream milk powder in multiple applications, including daily beverages, yogurts, tea whiteners, and coffee. It is a rich source of vitamins and minerals, and it easily dissolves in both hot and cold water.

At Mina Mina, we are proud to bring the finest and comprehensive range of instant fat filled milk powder which is incredibly refreshing, healthier, and natural. It is enriched with vitamin A and D, thanks to its spray drying liquid emulsion of skimmed milk concentration and premium vegetable oil. In order to maintain the best quality, our instant milk powder is produced and packed in accordance with the regulations of safe manufacturing practices.

A Delicious and Convenient Milk Drink

Our wholesome fat filled milk powder is widely recognized for its rich and superior taste. It has exceptionally low microbiological levels, ensuring sustainability and the highest standards at all times. A skimmed milk powder is dried till we receive the finest powder, which means it is nutritious, has a creamy texture, and long shelf life guaranteed.

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