Milk sources

Exporting Premium-Grade Flavored Milk, UHT Milk, and Milk Powder

For many years, Mina Mina has been engaged and dedicated to producing high-quality dairy products, thereby, maintaining transparency and integrity with our customers. We are proud to cater to the needs of industrial and consumer markets with a comprehensive range of products, such as UHT milk, flavored milk powder, full-cream milk, butter packs, and flavored milk.

We strictly adhere to safe and hygienic agricultural processes, ensuring to deliver premium products from our farms to your mouth. Our skilled management team takes special care of the export of flavored milk, UHT milk export, and milk powder export to ensure improved and continuous product supply at a global level.

Trusted Source of Wholesome Dairy Products Worldwide

We take full pride in our nutritious dairy products and strive to serve you the same quality and standard that we have managed to maintain for many years. Each product is produced and packed with all the expected high standards in compliance with food safety regulations. So you can rest assured knowing that we will give meticulous attention to the export of milk and deliver the freshest products at all times.

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