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Mina Mina

Dairy products


Superior Quality and Value

Consisting of the finest ingredients and using effective product development, Mina Mina continues to prove itself as a top quality food brand.

Rich and nutritious

Rich and Nutritious

Containing many important nutrients and minerals, allowing great support for a healthy day and good nutrition!

Benefits of milk
First-class farming and agriculture

First-Class Manufacturing

Topnotch farming and agricultural processes which follow strict EU dairy regulations and support product consistency.

Trusted and reliable

Trusted and Reliable

Expert management teams and a diligent workforce that ensures consistent product supply on a global level.

Trusted Manufacturer of High-Quality Dairy Products

Mina Mina is a leading manufacturer and supplier of milk products, with a mark of excellence, the highest quality products, and standards. We feel pride in ourselves for catering the purest and finest range of flavored milk, milk powder, condensed milk, evaporated milk tins, full-cream milk, and butter packs.

Rich, Pure, and Creamy Taste as Promised

At Mina Mina, we let nothing gets in our way to produce the freshest, natural, and comprehensive range of daily products in the market. The milk is passed through ultra-high temperature (UHT) treatment and then transferred to sterilize packaging.

As a renowned flavored milk powder manufacturer, we provide a huge assortment of daily products of unmatched quality that will last for up to 11 months, without preservatives or refrigeration. The product is packed in bags, tins, cartons, plastic bottles, and packs. We offer milk in various flavors, including banana, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, sweet condensed milk, and plain fresh milk (full cream), brought to you by a well-known flavored milk manufacturer.